Michael Pinkham / Drums

Michael PinkhamMichael Pinkham began his percussive exploits at -5 months of age; the resonant sounds of his dear mother’s uterus providing his first musical arena. Immediately after being born Michael took a musical hiatus which lasted 16 years. “I just couldn’t find the acoustics I remembered from my youth, and inspiration continued to elude me.”

Michael has played drums for  Albino, Diego’s Umbrella, The San Francisco Mime Troupe, Samba do Coracao, Boca do Rio, This Old Earthquake and countless others, though not in that order. He is currently playing with New Monsoon, Scott Law, Talley Up, Tom Finch Group, Kugelplex, Lagos Roots Afrobeat Ensemble and Circus Bella. Michael uses sticks and drum heads exclusively.